Do A Good Deed

Being homeless sucks. It lacks status. One scrapes by with minimal amounts of money. Little by little I’m getting worn down. I feel a profound depression creeping-up on me. If I, ever, hope to extricate myself from this predicament, I’ve got to keep it together. I cannot allow my homelessness to break my spirit.

The one, sure-fire, way of retaining one’s humanity is to do a good deed for complete strangers. From Proverbs to Galatians the bible is consistent… The giver is blessed and God will see to it that there is reciprocity. And in a colloquial sense we say, “what goes around, comes around.” And for those still not convinced… I direct you to the Mental Health Foundation’s article Doing good does you good which lists the latest research on the health benefits of helping others.

How can a homeless person with barely enough funds for themselves do any good deeds for others? In my article, Free Food. The Bane of my Keto Existence I mention that sometimes in the course of my cleaning of AirBnB vacation rentals, I am tempted off my Keto Diet by free food the guests leave behind. I intend to gift these items to the people who car dwell within Rocky Nook Park (near the Santa Barbara Mission) as the items become available.

Rocky Nook Park sign
Rocky Nook Park sign

I have it on good authority that there are quite a few car dwellers who frequent this park. Many are pensioners whose tiny stipends are not enough to cover the costs of maintaining a residence. These people have put in the years of work. Living in their cars is what they have to show for it. It is to these people I give the free beer and whatever else free things the guests leave behind, I can’t use and shouldn’t have. Its not much, I know, but its something. And hopefully the gods of good fortune will see that I am trying and take a chance on me.


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