Being Naked

I’ve been homeless for about a month and a half, at this point. Having to exist in this situation is like having a window upon my soul. I am learning things about myself I have never thought about before. For instance, not being able to be naked is driving me insane.

I don’t know if this makes me unusual… I like being without clothes. Laying in bed nude, walking around the house nude, spending the whole day without clothes. When I was a wee child I remember running around the house, naked as a jay bird, laughing, with my older siblings chasing me down, trying to put pants on me, all of us gleefully shouting, “naked baby!” In my teens I did a fair amount of skinny dipping and once walked out the front door of my house at three in the morning completely nude and laid down in the grass, in my front yard. Looking back upon my life, I realize I’ve used being naked as a coping mechanism for stress. I’m self conscious about many a thing, but for whatever mysterious reason, being naked in mixed company is not one of them, as long as the setting is appropriate.

As it turns out, there are a lot of health benefits to lounging around in your birthday suit: Better/deeper sleep, healthy skin, reduced risk of heart attack, better self esteem, improved circulation, detoxify your skin, and more. Additionally, skin to skin snuggling with your lover releases Oxytocin the “feel good” hormone that is responsible for increased empathy and the feelings associated with romantic love.

California is blessed with many clothing optional beaches. The unusually named More Mesa Beach in Santa Barbara is one such place. You won’t find me there rolling around in the sand… Santa Barbara beaches are cursed with tar. I’m going to snag a little tent, make a picnic basket, bring a notebook, something to read, and for my sanity… Spend the day nude.


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