My Big Worry

Have you ever noticed the homeless people in your community who are part of the local colour of your city? One can see them sitting at a bus stop with every one of their possessions hanging off a shopping cart. Year after year you notice the same homeless person around your city. Have you ever wondered how they became homeless? How this phase of their life began? I imagine once a person becomes homeless, they suddenly find themselves on a slippery slope… Everyday they remain homeless, the further down the slope they go.

Its amazing to what one can become accustomed. It is one of our great evolutionary strengths. When tackling a new skill or challenge… What once was difficult, soon becomes easy. I worry that I will become accustomed to being homeless. I worry that I am on a slippery slope and that everyday I am sliding toward a future I do not desire.

Entropy is a force of nature. Regression toward the mean. How everything in the Universe is running down and want’s to stay down. And to advance in any situation one must exert far more energy than one will receive in return. I keep thinking of Le Chatelier’s principle of thermodynamics: whenever a system in equilibrium is disturbed, the system will adjust itself in such a way that the effect of the change will be nullified. Homelessness, with me, was not inevitable, nor is it inescapable. Homelessness is a situation that calls for the summoning of all one’s strength and creativity to escape. And I know I will escape it… As long as I don’t get comfortable.


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  1. Consider this season of your life a time to allow compassion to be your guide and teacher. Understanding the stress and trauma of being homeless can only come from walking in those shoes. Values for what is really important in life come to the surface now. You won’t stay in this place very long. May you be filled with hope for your future and may you share that hope with others.


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