Free Food. The Bane of my Keto Existence.

Another thing about being homeless is the feeling of “want.” If you’ve never been in this circumstance… I am sure you can sympathize, but there is no way you’re going “know” what I’m talking about. Even tho its bad for me and I regret it later, I’m having a real hard time passing-up free food.

In addition to my business which I am working to make profitable, I also clean AirBnb vacation houses. The work is really ideal for a homeless business person. The work is hard, but it gives one access to certain amenities that one should not live without… i.e. A shower, a kitchen, hot water for shaving, etcetera. Also, when I am trying to be taken seriously by prospective clients, it would not do for them to see me waiting tables or working some other shitty job. They might question the viability of my business model. One, potential, drawback… Sometimes, free food.

When I was a kid, I worked in restaurants to pay my way thru college. In that industry it is customary to feed the help with an employee meal. I say no to food at friends houses. I say no to food at Trader Joe’s and elsewhere… But for some reason, I just can’t say no to an employee meal.

Sometimes its great stuff… Before I was homeless I snagged a half organic chicken and a slab of salmon. The most commonly left food item? Eggs. I’ve even snagged a joint and a half’s worth of marijuana (its legal here). But also other food stuffs… Not suitable for a keto menu. I’m going to just keep adding pictures to this article as “free food” occurs. Part of the challenge is, also, that I grew-up poor. I just cannot bring myself to throw away food. A good friend has suggested I leave it for the car dwellers who inhabit Rocky Nook Park. I haven’t done that yet, but I will.


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