The Love Field

There’s a scientist, Arthur Ramthun, who measures electricity within plants. He calls this study, “Plant Electrotropism.” It is a part of the Electric Universe theory of Life, the Universe and Everything.

Electricity works by means of a circuit. The negative push and the positive pull. The flow of these currents within a field twist around each other like the double helix of DNA. In fact, it is partly why in 1928 Irving Langmuir coined the term “plasma” to describe the life mimicking character of lightning. Imagine two currents, with power, always paired, connected, wrapped around each other like lovers. Mr. Ramthun has found that the shape of the “woody tree parts are a physical record of electrical flow.” It explains why in time laps photography, seedlings are shown to spiral as they sprout from the ground. They’re climbing up the field.

Wonder if people are like this? Wonder if there is something like a Love Field which we can come inside? Imagine its like when you meet someone new and for whatever mysterious reason you feel their energy inside you, like you’ve known them for years even tho you’ve, only, just met. What if we were to open ourselves, look deep inside and feel into that sacred space within us from where all our creativity springs? What if we were to slide our attention down the shaft of that little flower growing inside us, over the smooth bumps and sharp thorns, down to where their flower has taken root? Feel if we were to do that, we’d suddenly find ourselves coming over and over again together to the same conclusion… The reason we feel them so deep inside is because their energy and our energy is the same energy… i.e. A circuit. The pull into us, is the same push into them. And the reason the roots of their flower find such fertile ground within us in which to grow, is because our flower is inside them. And the flowers are, really, antennae… Tuned to the same frequency… Of love.

* Kissing (1983, oil on linen, 66 x 44 inch) painting by Alex Grey.


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