I’m Being Evicted!

Yesterday was quite a day. Long story short, I’m being evicted.

Santa Barbara is an interesting city. It is an entrepreneurial city. Kinkos was created here (since has been sold to FedEx). A Santa Barbarian McDonald’s invented the Egg McMuffin. And all manner of startup establishments are presently working to perfect their offering and bring it to the world. I am one such entrepreneur.

Since there is no cache in being homeless, no matter how wonderful the city, I will keep my identity secret for now. Like many who find themselves in this predicament… I have resources… I have a car, I have an office, I work part time as a house cleaner, and I have marketable skills. I just lack enough money to pay the high cost of rent for this city.

My landlord is, generously, giving me a month to move out. If you don’t think that is generous… Did I mention I am four months past due on rent? I have nothing but respect for the man. And will pay him every cent I owe him, even if it kills me. I don’t think it will kill me, by the way. I just need to become a success.

In my long fifty-two years of life, I have learned many things about myself… I have learned that I am a bit autistic. I have learned I am charismatic. And, pertinent to this monologue, I respond very well to a kick in the ass.

This blog is an exercise of faith. I have always believed I have what it takes to be a writer. This adventure is the perfect opportunity to test my hypothesis. I suspect, because of the city in which I live, it may take me more than a month to find a new residence. It is likely that I will be homeless for, at least, a month (God, please let only be a month!). It is an article of my faith that the universe works in a particular fashion… i.e. “Ask and you shall receive”. I shall ask. And, “The Lord gives to those who wait.” …As long as you work like hell, while you’re waiting. And, “Faith without works is dead.” AsĀ  you can see, I have alot of faith. I know my prayers will be answered. This blog is my journey. It is my hope my writings will be a help to others who find themselves in this situation.

All the best to you and yours,


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