My Lucky Egg

I do not believe in the concept of luck. I define luck as something that happens out-of-the-blue, solely outside a person's participation. Most people use the word "luck" that way. There is the concept of people who "make their own luck," but this is a non sequitur. How can one make happen, that which they... Continue Reading →

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Manifold Meals

I have a great hamartia. When something gets stuck in my head... It will be like a thought squirrel, running around in my brain... Driving me crazy. When its a good idea, it can be a strength. When its a bone head idea... Hi-jinks will ensue. One such thought squirrel I was possessed of at... Continue Reading →

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Do A Good Deed

Being homeless sucks. It lacks status. One scrapes by with minimal amounts of money. Little by little I'm getting worn down. I feel a profound depression creeping-up on me. If I, ever, hope to extricate myself from this predicament, I've got to keep it together. I cannot allow my homelessness to break my spirit. The... Continue Reading →

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The Whore’s Bath

On days when I do not have access to a shower, and still need to bathe, I give myself what is known as a "whore's bath"... Pits, tits, and naughty bits. Presumably named after the brief cleaning prostitutes perform between clients. How a Whore's Bath, you give yourself, differs from a Sponge Bath, you may... Continue Reading →

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Being Naked

I've been homeless for about a month and a half, at this point. Having to exist in this situation is like having a window upon my soul. I am learning things about myself I have never thought about before. For instance, not being able to be naked is driving me insane. I don't know if... Continue Reading →

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My Big Worry

Have you ever noticed the homeless people in your community who are part of the local colour of your city? One can see them sitting at a bus stop with every one of their possessions hanging off a shopping cart. Year after year you notice the same homeless person around your city. Have you ever... Continue Reading →

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I Am Homeless by Choice

According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, over half a million people living in the United States, as of January 2016, were living on the streets, in cars, in homeless shelters, or in subsidized transitional housing. Of that number, 206,286 were people in families, 358,422 were individuals, and a quarter of the entire group... Continue Reading →

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Free Food. The Bane of my Keto Existence.

Another thing about being homeless is the feeling of "want." If you've never been in this circumstance... I am sure you can sympathize, but there is no way you're going "know" what I'm talking about. Even tho its bad for me and I regret it later, I'm having a real hard time passing-up free food.... Continue Reading →

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My Awful Keto Diet

The worst thing about being homeless is the havoc it wreaks on one's diet. A healthy diet is the foundation to everything else in life. In a way, I have the best of all ways of being homeless...

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The Love Field

There’s a scientist, Arthur Ramthun, who measures electricity within plants. He calls this study, “Plant Electrotropism.” It is a part of the Electric Universe theory of Life, the Universe and Everything.

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